Our Brand: 
March For The Movement is an LGBTQ+, AAPI, Women-Owned business with a focus on creating high-quality apparel that empowers you to use your voice and raise social awareness.

Our Founders: Lisa & Bri 

March For The Movement founders Lisa and Bri holding hands and smiling on their wedding day.

When we met in 2014, we never could have imagined the amazing journey our life would take us on! We instantly connected on SO many levels. We shared similar values, a love of travel, food, HGTV, dogs, and music (Lisa is a singer/songwriter and Bri is still a music teacher by day!) 

In 2019, we decided to take a leap of faith and start an apparel business. We were drawn to making a statement, and the sense of pride this could bring to our community. 

We're so proud to own this business and to have the opportunity to give back to our community. We hope that when you wear our products, you feel just as empowered and proud as we do!  

Our Products:

We source our blank products from a Platinum WRAP certified supplier who is fully sweatshop free, upholding the highest workplace standards. Some principles of WRAP certification include: prohibition of forced labor and child labor, prohibition of harassment/abuse, fair compensation and benefits, fair hours of work, and providing a safe and healthy work environment.

When printing your designs, we use water-based, high-quality vegan inks that are biodegradable and toxin-free.